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Dec 2010

"Trusted Cloud Platform" presentation, Cloud Computing/Server Summit

Feb 2010:

Andy Norton chaired the session on Ethernet Security at the Ethernet Summit in San Jose, Ca

     Dec 2008:

Andy Norton chaired the session on Communications/Networking at the FPGA Summit in San Jose, Ca


Xilinx Xcell Journal


See Xilinx Xcell for recent articles on Packet Processing and Embedded Power PC controllers





Company Information:

Comm Logic Design, Inc. was formed in February 2003 as a privately held corporation.

Each member of our seasoned professional team has been working with and developing cutting-edge technology for over 20 years.  Providing concept-to-production expertise, our engineers have a proven track record of architecting, building and delivering products and system solutions in our highly focused technical market areas of networking, communications and data-storage.

Our Founders:

Andrew Norton

Andy is President and a founding partner with extensive expertise in all aspects of FPGA design, hardware engineering, high-speed FPGA design, FPGA embedded processors and FPGA based packet processors with a primary focus in networking, communications, deep packet inspection, flow based packet processing including Multi-core, NPU, WAN and LAN protocols, switch, router and packet processing platforms.  He has been a key technical expert at networking companies including Standard Microsystems, Network Equipment Technologies, Ipsilon Networks, Nokia IP Routing Group and CloudShield Technologies.  With great interest in third world technology development, he has received two Senior Scholar Fulbright Awards to Peru and Nicaragua, consulted to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in India and held academic positions in Mexico.  He graduated from University of California, Berkeley with Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Linked In Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/commlogicdesign

Gregory Triplett

Greg is a founding partner of Comm Logic Design who specializes in FPGA, embedded processor, high-speed digital circuit and system design for the networking, communication, Storage Area Networking (SAN), image processing and wireless / RF industries.  He has played a key role developing products for Dell Computer, Applied Materials, CloudShield Technologies, Giga-tronics, ConvergeNet Technologies and Systron Donner.  Management experience includes Vice President of Engineering and Director of FPGA Engineering.  He graduated from California State University, San Luis Obispo with a  Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering emphasizing Embedded Processors and Digital Electronics.

Mary Pham

Mary is a partner of Comm Logic Design who specializes in Software development and Network Processor Microcode with a primary focus in networking and communications including IP networking, VoIP, and Frame Relay.  She has played a key role developing products for CloudShield Technologies, Copper Mountain Networks, N.E.T, Centigram and VISA International.  Mary graduated from University of San Francisco with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science.

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