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FPGA Projects

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Software & Microcode Projects:

The following list provides a brief introduction into some of the recent Software and Microcode projects Comm Logic Design has developed.


Comm Logic Design engineers have been working with Intel IXA network processor designs since working for a client as an IXP1200 "alpha" partner during the IXP1200's very early days.  In fact, we still have one of the very original IXP1200 silicon test platforms provided by Intel containing one of the first handful of IXP1200s produced.  This project involved developing Microcode and StrongARM Software on an IXP1200 that provided an interface between a high speed serial crossbar backplane and a Pentium computing blade.  The backplane interface combined an IXP1200, several FPGAs, dual port memories, and the “Cross Stream” switch chipset from
Vitesse Semiconductor.

Our engineers wrote Microcode that forwarded traffic between the PCI attached Pentium complex and the various blades in the system.  The code involved management of DMA transfers of data across the PCI bus, segmentation and reassembly of frames transmitted and received to and from the switch fabric, priority queuing, and traffic management.

Gigabit Ethernet and Sonet Platforms

Comm Logic Design engineers have provided Microcode development services to a client building a multi-purpose Gigabit Ethernet and OC-48 Packet over SONET platform.  The client's platform is typically used in Internet security and monitoring applications.  The platform contained a large number of Intel IXP1200's in the data path that performed the bulk of the packet processing.  Our engineers developed a large amount of the Microcode employed in the client's platform.

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Comm Logic Design as a partner with Consystant, Inc. built an implementation of the Snort Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) for the IXP2400 network processor.  The Snort detection engine was implemented in Microcode on the Microengines of the IXP2400 and utilized a Network Search Engine (NSE) to aid in offloading some of the lookup functions to accellerate the implementation so that it could achieve high rates of packet inspection.

The Snort NIDS was run on the Intel IXDP2400 development system.  A version of the NIDS was implemented that utilized the IDT PAX.port 2500 Content Inspection Engine (CIE) on the IDT 2500i dual Gigabit Ethernet line interface module for the IXDP2400 platform.

Network Application Acceleration

Comm Logic Design is working with clients to accelerate existing and new networking applications by utilizing network processor technology.  For example by utilizing an IXP2400, contained on a board such as the Radisys
ENP-2611 three port Gigabit Ethernet PCI card, applications that have otherwise run on standard platforms have been made to perform at much higher rates by offloading significant portions of the application from the host to the network processor.

Embedded Linux for the IXP2400 and IXP2800

Comm Logic Design has completed a port of the open source Linux operating system and Intel IXP NPU specific support code to for the IXP2xxx without requiring Linux code typically provided by Monta Vista.


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