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Major contributors/architects for System Projects:


CloudShield CS-4000 Trusted Network Security Platform

VIEW at: http://cloudshield.com/platform/CS4000.asp

Trusted Network Security Platform (TNSP)

With converging network infrastructures promising to reduce network acquisition and operating costs, enforcing service and network use policies is key to unlocking the revenue potential of next generation networks. CloudShield's CS-4000 Trusted Network Security Platform powers the next generation of high-speed network security and service control solutions. Addressing the shortcomings of a network equipment market dominated by closed, fixed-function appliances, the CS-4000 platform offers an adaptable, active network device that combines CloudShield's patented deep packet inspection capabilities together with high-performance, general purpose computing for scalable, flexible performance.

The CS-4000 is a modular chassis supporting three high-speed packet processing slots for Content Processing Accelerators (CPA) or CloudShield patented Deep Packet Processing Modules (DPPM) supporting up to 40Gbps of software-driven content processing capacity per module. Interface modules provide 160Gbps of network bandwidth, improved port density and various network interface configurations for seamless insertion into carrier networks.


CloudShield BladeCenter DPI solution

Hardware Throughput and Interfaces
  • 20 Gbps sustained DPI throughput per blade
    • 280 Gbps per chassis
    • Over 1 terabit/second per rack
  • 1 X 10 GbE (XFP), 1 X 1 GbE (SFP) front side
  • 4 X 10 GbE & 4 X 1 GbE backplane
  • 60 Gbps internal non-blocking switching fabric
  • Compatible with BladeCenter H & HT chassis
CloudShield BladeCenter DPI solution
DPI Blade
Centralized Management, Provisioning and Reporting
  • DPI Blade managed by IBM System Director
  • Supports industry standard APIs: SNMP, TELNET, HTTP, HTTPS, Syslog, SQL, and Web Services
Software Integration and Functionality
  • Runs Existing CloudShield and partner applications
  • Speeds DPI Development using packetC
  • Enables new application classes
  • Allows transparent deployment and scaling of enterprise applications as managed services

 Development of the CloudShield CA-5000

  • Architectural Design
  • Board Design
  • Implementation of several complex data path FPGAs
  • IXP2800 microcode implementation


 Nokia 3G Serving GPRS Support Node
    utilizing IXP1200 network processors:

  Network security platforms
    utilizing IXP1200 and Broadcom network processors

  Internet content caching appliance
    utilizing IQ2200 Network Processor

  DSL aggregation platform development

 Ipsilon, Inc. ATM and IP switching platform


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