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Design Services:



Comm Logic Design has established a reputation as a small highly focused team exploring and co-architecting innovative, unique and effective system solutions with our clients.  Providing expert FPGA and FPGA embedded services, we focus on applications in networking, communications and embedded processing.

Comm Logic Design Engineers provide concept-to-production expertise including:


Co-architecting system solutions with our clients


Detailed functional specifications as 'living documents'


Simulation-based systems design methodology


Design-for-visibility integration and test methodology


Focus on diagnostics and performance characterization


Comprehensive on-site support, training and design transfer

Multicore, Embedded & Network Processor System Design:

System solutions using Multi-core, Embedded ARM-Cortex A9, PowerPC and Network Processors with FPGAs integrating network search engines, TCAMs, classification coprocessors, security processors, and custom co-processing engines. 

FPGA Embedded Processor System Design:

Solutions using FPGA-integrated Embedded Processors include embedded network processor, flexible sandbox prototyping, control plane and baseboard management controllers and data-path assist subsystems. We specialize in ARM, MicroBlaze, PowerPC and NIOS embedded processors.

Training Services:

Comm Logic Design has provided on-site training to industry, government, NGOs and academic institutions. Comm Logic Design is a certified Xilinx trainer.


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