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IXP2400 Snort NIDS Development



IXP1200 NPU Development Services

Comm Logic Design engineers have been working with IXP1200 designs originating with an "alpha" partner relationship with Intel on the IXP1200.  Since then Comm Logic Design engineers have a number of IXP1200 designs operating in the field.

We are able to provide a full range of IXP1200 family design services including:


Architectural assistance


Board Design


Custom peripheral design utilizing state-of-the-art FPGAs.


IXP1200 microcode


Development of Xscale control plane software

Comm Logic Design realizes that a successful network processor based design requires careful analysis of the relationship between the network processor itself, its peripheral's, and the microcode and firmware running on it in order to meet or exceed the design objectives, particularly in the area of performance targets.

We strongly encourage our clients to model their designs in simulation before committing the design to hardware. We understand the methods and have the tools required to build a full simulation of your design to ensure that your product meets its design criteria when it is first committed to hardware.

Intel IXP1200 Transactor

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