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Network Processor Design Services

Comm Logic Design provides a range of services related to Network Processor based products. We can provide hardware board design, peripheral design (including FPGAs), microcode, firmware and software design and implementation.  Our engineers have the knowledge and experience necessary to take on a small part of your design, or undertake the complete design and implementation.

We specialize in the application development for the Intel IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors.

We have experience developing applications on several off-the-shelf network processor platforms including the Intel IXDP2400, Intel IXDP2800, Adlink CPCI-6240, Radisys ENP-2611 and Sensory Networks Nodal Core I Series aswell as any proprietary systems our clients may have.

We provide both microcode and software development on these platforms utilizing either the WindRiver VXWorks, or a Linux embedded operating system.

We support the Snap Gear Embedded Linux. We've ported Snap Gear Embedded Linux to the Radisys ENP-2611.

We have found that all but the simplest network processor designs involve a very tight relationship between the hardware, microcode and software components of a project.  In order to ensure that a design meets its goals, in particular its performance criteria, we encourage our clients to model their design in simulation before committing a design to hardware.  We understand the methods and have the tools required to build a full simulation of your design to ensure that your product meets its design criteria before it's committed to hardware.


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