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We are currently providing Zynq and Vivado Training thru Doulos, for Xilinx.


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Welcome to Comm Logic Design

Comm Logic Design, Inc. serves the networking, communications, cyber-security and embedded systems sectors providing IP, design and consulting services including:

As a small highly focused team of principal architects and key start-up contributors, we provide concept-to-production expertise emphasizing a systems approach to architect, build and deliver products.

Comm Logic Design specializes in network architecture, deep packet inspection, cyber-security and flow-based packet processing using FPGAs & FPGA Embedded Processor SOCs. We are certified by the Altera Design Services Network Program and the Xilinx Alliance Consultants Program.

We also specialize in developing system solutions that incorporate Multi-core, Embedded and Network Processors integrating network search engines, TCAM, classification coprocessors, security processors and FPGA-based custom coprocessors.

















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